Health Benefits of Outdoor Exercise

The environment around us has given us all the challenge we need to enhance our fitness, maintain our health and keep up with our enemies, therefore the health benefits of outdoor exercise cannot be overemphasized. Nature has provided plenty of equipments (holes, branches, stones, and logs) that would outdo even the fanciest of gym equipment when it comes to variety and function. But there’s no need to think of these resources in the past, nature’s gym is still open for service today.

Benefits of exercise

All the sets, reps, and programs that are familiar to any old ‘gym junkie’ i.e. sprinting intervals, abdominal stability, power etc. can be modified and performed in the great outdoors. You can jump over logs, swimming stationary in the river, carry boulders from the river, or sidestep cows for agility. Either way, getting outdoors to exercise is just as good, and probably more rewarding, than driving across town to a building where you lift some metal things, zone out, and then drive home.

Of course, the gym has a purpose! I love being inside on a cold, wet day, but even on the most miserable of days, there’s just something about throwing on some waterproof gear and braving fierce winds and rain that provides a challenge that no machine can.

Taking your exercise outdoors can even give you an opportunity to be lifted emotionally and spiritually. You could visit significant landmarks, historic sites, war memorials etc. while running, and you may find that the fitness and weight loss you’ll get from exercising may start to be less important than the actual experience during training.

In a day where we spend more time letting our fingers do the walking (through digital gadgets), we should be anxious to get outdoors as often as we can, so why not, just for today push your keyboards and mobile devices aside and head outside for some good old-fashioned movement and discover the health benefits of outdoor exercise. Be creative.
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