How To Train Like a Bodybuilder For A SIX PACK ABS

Ever wondered how bodybuilders achieve their chiseled 6 pack abs? Hours of crunches, roll-outs, tucks, stability ball exercises and abs machine work? Actually, NO! I’ve asked ex-competitive bodybuilder Matt Lazenby to explain his approach to achieving a perfect set of 6 pack abs…

Train like a bodybuilder

“Even with the vast amount of information available on the subject I still get more questions about 6 pack abs than any other body part. The good news is that abs are probably the easiest body part to develop. I should also mention here that I’m talking specifically about ‘six-pack’ abs, and not core training in any of its many forms.

I follow a very simple program – 3 sets of crunches once a week. I’d recommend you do exactly the same. Go to failure, which will for many of you probably mean somewhere between 12 – 20 reps, on each set, rest for a minute between sets. Some of you may wish to add in another exercise, in which case I’d suggest reverse crunches, and at a push some side crunches, but any more than that is really a waste of time. Seriously! Go home, rest and recover.

So how will you possibly get results from such a simple program? By training like a bodybuilder, that’s how. In the words of Dorian Yates, 6 times IFBB Mr. Olympia:

                “Bodybuilding is not weight and repetitions; it’s resistance and absolute muscle failure. It’s not quantitative; it’s qualitative. It’s more mental than physical. It’s more control than rage.”

A perfect workout starts in your mind.

Your entire being should be totally focused on your workout. As you start to warm up, begin to focus on the workout ahead. Adopt a calm, controlled, precise approach. I train abs after legs so I’m well warm by this point, but the bottom line here is that you must warm up thoroughly, no half-hearted going through the motions. Warm up like you mean business, with focus and intent.

Once you’re warm, then you’re ready to go to work. Leave NOTHING to chance. Make every single rep count. Make them perfect. Allow NOTHING to distract you. Start with crunches and aim for deep, full, total muscular contractions with every single rep. Crunches are the Rolls Royce of ab exercises – simple to perform and incredibly effective. What more could you want?

If you really feel you need some extra work move onto reverse crunches. Keep your focus strong and your rest periods to a minute. And finally, for the brave ones, give side crunches a go. That’s it. Your abs are done.

Cool down, stretch and go home. Rest and recuperate. While one session a week is enough to develop a toned, chiseled 6 pack abs there is another important point that needs to be mentioned here. If you can’t see your abs then the chances are that you are carrying too much body fat and not that your abs are underdeveloped. So rather than adding extra sets or more ab exercises try eating less food and doing more cardio. That’s the truth, pure and simple… it’s really not rocket science, it’s bodybuilding for a 6 pack abs.
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