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We may call it ‘diet journaling’, our ‘fat burning journal’ or simply our ‘healthy diet diary’, but there is power in the concept and in implementing a healthy diet diary. It may sound impossible for some of us, or even too much trouble in these days of when we are looking for immediate results from little energy expended.

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At this point, we must stop and think for a moment because we do not want to throw out that proverbial baby with the bath water. We may have never thought of keeping a healthy diet diary to be such a key thing, but it may be the key that will open the door through which we long to run and feel the wind upon our faces. The fact is diet journaling is a gift given to us, It is a doorway to freedom.

When journaling we do not have to pretend or impress, it is for us alone. It is between us and our diary herein we create a sacred place to go to express our thoughts and lay them out for us to behold in all honesty. There is something wonderfully liberating about it, our very own Kingdom of Expression.

In this day of being fed images and thoughts from so much of the media, this kind of journaling gives us such a sublime taste of the freedom we crave, especially if we are to journal about what is holding us or affecting us or simply rejoicing in a present victory. The key to keeping a healthy diet diary as well as any other form of journaling is ‘to thine own self-be true’.

The truth will set us free. This is indeed a wonderful medium to make such truth about ourselves tangible.

All this might sound like bunk to the uninitiated, but it is to you that I make this suggestion. Just do it. Be honest in what you write and just do it.

Taking a second look at the reason why we should even consider keeping a healthy diet diary is going to be worth our precious time. The golden key that opens the door to the gilded cage to set the songbird free? How long have we been captive? We try this diet and that diet and forget to breathe in our frenzy for release. Our culture has thus dictated. Through the power of keeping our healthy diet diary, we can escape all these demands to find the place we long for.

So the big question is ‘Are there benefits to healthy diet journaling in general?’ Those who have been there will say the benefit of journaling is too numerous to mention. There is a key laying in front of you, pick it up and put it in the lock. Now turn it to open the door.

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