How to Get Veggies in Your Diet

Although the human body is a complex machine full of intricate physiological processes, losing weight is ultimately as simple as reducing the calories consumed (eaten) and/or increasing the calories expended (burned). While simple in theory, applying this principle in real life is far more difficult than it seems. This article delves into how to get veggies in your diet to enable us to live a healthy life.

How to eat more vegetables

There are quite a number of reasons why eating more vegetables may be difficult to practice but the major one is that the lives we live today are more stressful than ever before which has made it hard to plan and prepare nutritious and healthy meals and we also don't make out time to get involved in exercise or any other physical activity.

So, what can be done to remedy the situation?

Well, first of all, you should start your day with a healthy meal rather than some sugar-coated concoction from a cereal box. Why not have some eggs, fruit and even vegetables on your breakfast plate (I don’t know why we don’t eat more vegetables for breakfast?!).

At lunchtime, add some more vegetables for a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals, and try cutting back on the bread and processed carbohydrates. Remember, it can still be lunch without your usual sandwich.

For dinner…you should know what I’m about to say by now…eat some more vegetables! We’ve become so accustomed to piling starchy carbohydrates on our plate (rice, bread, pasta, potatoes etc.) that it’s taken the place of good old-fashioned veggies that grew in the ground with nothing added to or taken away from them.

Lastly, drink plenty of water (and eat more vegetables…just thought I’d throw it in there). Most of our body is made of water so it’s vital that we’re always replenishing the water in our body and staying hydrated. It’s essential for healthy metabolism, digestive function, young looking skin and pretty much everything else that goes on in your body, so make sure to drink plenty water.

Now, there are some simple ways to how to get veggies in your diet in order to achieve overall health and well-being, and as a wise man once said: “By small and simple things are great things brought to pass”.
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