The Creepiest Legend Of Zelda Moments

For a classic story of a hero saving the world from an evil force, The Legend of Zelda has some seriously strange moments. Sure it's still a family-friendly romp, but there are times where the link gets into a few oddly dark situations, even for a kids game. It makes sense though with Winner dealing with giant man-eating, spiders, fire-breathing, lizards, laser shooting statues and whatever tingle are. You are bound to run into some bizarre and unsettling things. So, let's get started, we're counting down on the 6 of the creepiest Zelda moments:

House of skull tella ocarina of time
Speaking of what goes on in Kakariko village, there is another spot that hides one of the darker secrets of Hyrule nestled just to the right of the entrance on the top of the ridge is a quiet, unassuming house when you enter you find it bare and dusty. If you choose to venture into this obviously creepy house further, you will find the horrifying reason why it's called the house of skull Tulla, you're descended upon by a creature that is neither man nor Skulltula, but something in between. He is the father of the house and him and his five sons were cursed because of the family's greed. If you haven't immediately, run and scream after meeting them. You can choose to help them but it involves collecting a hundred Skulltula tokens. Maybe it's best to leave them as eldritch whores, your life is simpler that way.

Romani ranch, Majora's Mask
As you're probably learning by now, the land of termina has a lot of really odd things going on in a three day span are there and after helping a miner break a rock using high explosives, you run into another oddity of this weird land, the Romani ranch main suppliers of the town's milk, and they have a special problem that only the younger sister seems to be aware of. Weird creatures that are invading their farm to steal their cows, though it might seem like the wild imagination of a little girl. If you choose to help her, you come back to her farm around 3:00 a.m. to find a horrifying sight. Dozens of alien-like ghosts slowly floating towards the barn, you have to hold them off until the Sun comes up because if you don't they steal their cow along with the girl you promised to help and the next time you see her she seems strangely out of it like something beyond comprehension happened to her and she will just never be the same again.

Happy mask salesman, Ocarina of time and Majora's mask
The mask salesman is one of those characters that has appeared in both Ocarina of Time and Majora's mask as the same character and really he's always been kind of unsettling. It's less so in Ocarina of time when you are simply helping him sell some masks to people, though he becomes oddly hostile if Link doesn't immediately pay him back the money he's owed when Majora's Mask comes around, though he becomes a more major player at along with that he becomes major league creepy. He is the one who gives you the mission of regaining the Majora's mask from the Skull Kid who stole it from him and in return for your help, he restores Link into a human from his formerly cursed Deku body. He does become hostile again when Link doesn't immediately return the mask and even shakes the boy violently for failing. He lets you go off on your journey though but then comes the most unsettling part because Link only has three days before the moon crashes into the earth. If for whatever reason, Link finds himself on the receiving end of that crash, instead of a horrible death, you instead hear the soft eerie words of the mask salesman. You find yourself back to day one standing in front of him. It seems that his powers are beyond even those of Majora. You can never leave Termina until he is satisfied, that smiling man controls your destiny.

Redeads Ocarina of Time and Beyond
Redeads are pretty self-explanatory, but not much less frightening depending on which version of their creation you look at. They are either being made from magic clay creatures or obviously the reanimated corpses of the dead. Though they appear in Wind Waker and Triforce heroes, their most memorable appearance is of course from Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask there, they're tall slow-moving creatures with no eyes and an open mouth, their skin brown and dry. They seem harmless from far away but when you get into their field of sight, you will hear a blood-curdling scream before you leave, for when Link is unable to move, then the Redead makes its way towards you ready to latch itself on and start sucking the life from you. Thankfully it's weak to fire and a Majora's Mask. They are unable to fight you while wearing the give Garo or captain's mask, but that first moment when they pop up man. Is it scary, not speaking from personal experience, of course?

The interlopers Twilight Princess
The interlopers set the entire underlying theme of the Zelda universe and show that even the most innocent of games can have something dark hidden underneath. This one starts innocent enough after collecting the tears of light to restore the spirit, linear ooh, he goes to send you on your journey. However, before he lets you go, he tells you that there is one thing that must be known. You are then sent drifting into a void of blackness as he regales you with the tale of the interlopers. At first, it is quite pretty you see the formation of the land by the goddesses watching as they zip around you and form a Triforce next to your best friend, Illya. Things take a rather sharp 180, no pun intended, as it's shown that Illya has a knife and goes to stab you, her pupils now missing. She is suddenly stopped and as a sword is thrown to the side, it's shown that our hero has also become evil and pupil lists running towards the Triforce which has three shadow versions of Link. It might sound weird, but from this point, it just dissolves into a twin peak style nightmare as mid-MS helmet suddenly appears Lea turns into dust only to find him among his shadow clones. The light goddesses the spell of evil, causing Link to shriek and tear becoming dazed and watching clones of Illya rain down from the sky, not really the kind of story you'd expect from a game with a parrot who has an afro.

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