The Thuraya XT - The Best Satellite Phone

The Thuraya XT is the world's smallest and lightest satellite handheld phone to feature full walk-and-talk capabilities. Giving you the capability to receive calls, even with the antenna, attracted a glare resistant screen with a brightness sensor and the fastest data speeds on any satellite handheld phone. Supported by a robust network that gives a bit witches coverage in over two-thirds of the world with a higher XT, you're insured connectivity wise every time now. Let's take a look at how the Thuraya XT works.

Let's go through some simple steps in setting up at the Thuraya XT handset, initially insert the SIM card. Do this by removing the battery and inserting the sim, replace the battery, like so extend the aerial aiming for direct line of the satellite. If available power, the handset arm, the phone will acquire the network signal and update the GPS position to make a call, simply dial the number and press the green button. The phone connects in seconds.

Sending a message with the Thuraya XT is also simple. Click menu, highlight the message, icon and select menu options are then listed on the screen, select new message type in the message you wish to send, then hit option and select send. Choose your recipient and hit the green button as simple as that. The Thuraya XT can also be used to send emails and your current coordinates by SMS if you're in a remote area and want to tell other people about your position.

How to use the Thuraya XT to navigate to remote locations from the menu button.

Select the campus icon then move down to waypoints and select again, if you have previously saved the coordinates of your desired location, simply select that the latitude, longitude, and altitude of your location are then displayed on the screen. As you move closer to your end location it will automatically update. An alternative way to use the 3 X T to navigate remote locations is to directly enter the coordinates of the destination you wish to travel to through the menu option. Select the compass icon, move to waypoints, select option and enter new. The screen then allows you to enter the latitude, and the longitude of your desired location then hit the ok button and your phone will automatically navigate you to your end destination.

How to update your GPS position in the top the left-hand corner of the screen.

You'll see a satellite icon. Should this icon begin flashing, you will need to update your GPS coordinates. This is a simple procedure: press menu, navigate through the compass and select current position. Your handset will then automatically acquire your GPS signal and update accordingly.

The Thuraya XT - The Best Satellite Phone The Thuraya XT - The Best Satellite Phone Reviewed by Debby Peters on May 31, 2018 Rating: 5
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