Overwatch League Format Introduction

Today, I'm going to do a breakdown of the format of the overwatch League for you.  So, if you're looking to really dip your toe in the water, the overwatch League - hopefully, this article will allow you to do that comfortably so to discuss the overwatch league and the format that's being presented.

First off, you have to understand that there are going to be twelve teams in the overwatch league organized into two six-team divisions. So in the Pacific Division, we have the Dallas Fuel, Los Angeles gladiators, Los Angeles valiant, San Francisco Shock, Sol dynasty and Shanghai dragons. Well, in the Atlantic Division we have the Boston uprising, Florida mayhem, Houston Outlaws, London Spitfire, New York Excelsior and Philadelphia fusion. Now, when we talk about playoffs this is where the divisions are really going to matter. Each team over the course of the season will be playing twenty games within their division and twenty games against their opposite division so that is how the structure is set up.

When it comes to individual games, so the pre regular-season rather will start on January 10th and it will run until June 16th. It will be split into what we call stages. There will be four stages, each of which is about five weeks in length so the five weeks of each stage will have a break in between the stages of about ten days every time, so that is five weeks of competition, ten days off, five weeks of competition. At the end of the regular season On June 16th, the postseason will begin on June 17th through to July 28th, with the finals on July 26th through to July 28th. But we'll get into that in a little bit the play time. Every week there will be matches on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday there will be four or three games rather every day, three matches of four games each now why four games each? If you have been watching a little bit of overwatch you would know that there are four different map types in overwatch currently and they are control, escort, assault, and hybrid. So each team will play on each of these styles of maps and then typically although it hasn't been announced yet if it's a 2-2 tie, there will be another control match played to break that tie now.

Records are cumulative over the entire season for the playoffs, which means that all the records of all teams over all four stages are added up. In order to determine final rankings but there's a little bit of excitement when it within each stage because the last Saturday of every stage will have the second team play against the third team and the winner of that match playing against the first team for $ 100,000 bonus. Now, these matches are not counted into the regular season record because they are additional matches beyond the twenty interdivisional and then twenty games against the opponent's from the other division that the teams play. It's merely to have a little bit of a playoff, have a little bit more excitement at the end, get a winner and determine the amount of additional bonus amount of money that these teams will receive for the overwatch League.

First season playoffs, we will have six teams in total involved. Now we are guaranteed to have at least one team from each division because the first place team will opt for each division. Atlantic and Pacific will automatically advance to the playoffs but after that, it will just be based on regular-season records, so there is a possibility that we could see say, five teams, one division and only one team from the other division, obviously an unlikely scenario, but still technically a possibility. Those first-place teams will receive buys into the semi-final so they won't have to play in the initial round of playoff competition which will be presumably between the third through sixth place teams, although that hasn't been specifically announced yet either. Now, interestingly, one of the speculations that we can make about the postseason is that the finals have been announced between July 26 through 28. Now, this could be a soft date where the exact dates of the finals have not been scheduled on the 26th, 27th or 28th. But considering that we have seen in other professional leagues in Southeast Asia, for example, try a different style of playoff format than we typically see in many sports games. It could mean that the finals are on all three of these dates which would imply that there might be a best-of-three of best of fives or a best of three of best of sevens that might occur, which I think is really exciting. It would be more akin to an NBA or a major league baseball or an NHL style of playoffs where the team will have a chance to adapt over multiple days. So if you, for example, play one best of seven, you have to win two best of sevens or two best of fives in order to actually claim the trophy, which could be what this date range represents. Now that's really exciting for me because you get to see more adaptation between the teams potentially, but it might also just be that they haven't scheduled the specific date of that grand final yet.

Now the world champion will take home a million dollar prize, the runner-up will take over $ 400,000 in total if we include regular-season placement bonuses, the title match bonuses for every stage and the playoff bonuses - there are 3.5 million dollars in total slated for this first season. Now you'll notice to go into some other topics that this is much shorter than most other eastward seasons, which tend to last the entire year or have the circuit of tournaments over the year such as counter-strike and this only goes from January until July. Now Blizzard is said that they are issuing tournament licenses for offseason events potentially, so this could mean that we see more of a hybrid system between say League of Legends and Counter-Strike global Offensive where half the year you get the very structured measured pace of the overwatch League, but then the offseasons teams may be free to compete in tournaments hosted by other third parties around the world, and so you get sort of that CSKA weekend tournament field during the offseason. If the teams want to compete if they don't want to take a break, also for the first season will all be taking place in the Burbank studio in Los Angeles at the blizzard arena. But in the future we know that Blizzard wants to move to fully home and away games, but the teams need some time to prepare their venues, whether that's going to be happening for the second season or the third season or somewhere beyond that has not been announced yet but this will eventually be a full home and away system like you are used to seeing in traditional sports where every team will have its own venue to play their games out of within their city that they are located in, such as Dallas or London or Houston or whatever.

I hope that answers a lot of questions about how the inaugural season will work. Most importantly, you just have to know that we will have those four days of three matches each Wednesday through Saturday and that there will be a little mini-tournament at the end of each stage. It's also unannounced so far where these playoffs are going to take place if they are going to be in the Blizzard Reno or whether they will be taken elsewhere in the country or perhaps internationally to decide where the championship will actually be held and where the long Series of playoffs will occur. So you can pick one to cheer for just appreciate the level of play if you're interested in testing the league in terms of strategic depth or just an appreciation for the game itself.
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