The Best Gaming Laptops Under 300

In today’s article, we are going to be looking at the best gaming laptops under 300 dollars. Video gaming is an enjoyable pastime that plays a significant role in the psychological and cognitive development of adults alike; it is entertaining and it allows people to socialize with their peers and helps to eliminate boredom and a time stress when done in moderation for the best experience. However, one of the most essential accessories that all gaming enthusiasts must own is a well-designed gaming laptop, even though several innovative models are attainable in internet-based stores finding the best remains an arduous task especially if one has a paltry $300 budget. Fortunately, it is not impossible if you are a novice or experienced gamer and have less than $300 to spend on a new laptop for everyday use this article lists the best gaming laptops under 300 dollars currently available on the market, it might come close to 300 but it's like technically under 300.

The HP 15.6 inch HD Touchscreen Laptop

The best laptop under $300; the HP 15 inch Touchscreen laptop is a nice looking computer with the cool blue coat of paint that covers the notebooks lid and keyboard deck the latter of which sports a subtle hash pattern and a touchpad unlike any other I have seen. The touchpad is borderless with nothing but a small indent and its 2 click buttons separate it from the rest of the plastic deck this creates a seamless and unique look. The laptop’s exterior is nicely textured, the blue aesthetic is offset by some attractively rounded black edges which host the machine's Ethernet port HDMI port and USB inputs on the left as well as an SD card, an optical drive and an additional USB port on the right. The laptop’s 15.6 inches 1366 by 768 display isn't the brightest or sharpest but it does get the job done for everyday entertainment. The touchscreen works well pinching to zoom in and out of websites was a breeze as well as performing Windows Touch functions such as swiping in apps on the left side of the screen all not quite thunderous. The laptop stereo speakers packed enough to fill a small meeting room with music, the notebooks black island keys are wonderfully snappy and include a full number pad as well as handy function buttons for volume and brightness control. Furthermore, the laptop's webcam takes perfectly serviceable photos. The performance of the laptop is pretty much what you would expect for a budget laptop and that it can't perform much in the way of multitasking but it can play casual games well. Although, it might not have an all-day battery HP's notebook gives a respectable amount of juice for the price lasting up to 6 hours. It also stays cool enough for comfort not getting overly hot while on one's lap. All in all the HP 15-inch touchscreen laptop offers an excellent keyboard a responsive HD touchscreen and dependable battery life for a budget price. It is a phenomenal computer for the slim price range of $300.

The Asus C302CA

The 12.5 inch Asus is a capable Chromebook with an all-aluminum 2 in 1 design and touchscreen, the Asus Chromebox flip has 2 hinges that allow its lid to rotate back 360 degrees. The Chromebook flips matte-finish aluminum body is sturdy and lends a bit of luxury. The keyboard is solid and lends itself to typing for long amounts of time with easy to press keys. The trackpad also works well being spacious smooth and responsive. The flip charges and connects and peripherals via either of its two USB type-c ports which sit on the left and right sides. Asus placed the notebooks headphone jack volume and power buttons on the machines left side and a micro SD reader on the right. The performance of the laptop is pretty good, it kind of multiple tabs open without too much of a performance job. It can also play some casual games however not much should be expected in terms of quality. The display is a 12.5 inch F HD touchscreen it has a 16 to 9 aspect ratio, a wide 170-degree viewing angle, and a high maximum brightness. The laptop also supports a 720p webcam above the display leading to solid picture taking and video streaming it also has stereo speakers which seemed to have a limited volume range and sound but are no worse than most of the laptop speakers the battery life is able to last up to 10 hours. All-in-all, the Asus Chromebook flip C302 does just about everything right; the battery, screen, keyboard, and performance are all good to excellent offer less than $500.

The Acer Aspire E 15

Acer's aspire a 15 is made of sturdy black plastic with a dark grayish matte lid that has a subtle crosshatch pattern and texture with the deck looking like imitation brushed aluminum. The notebook has a solid build quality because it doesn't creak or buckle during standard use the keyboard doesn't show much in the way of flex while typing either. The Acer E 15’s keyboard offers a good typing experience that's free from any of the shallowness or flex you may expect, the keys provide a full 1.5 millimeter of vertical travel and require 64 grams of force to actuate a combination which prevents bottoming out when typing. The E 15’s 15.6-inch touch screen outputs at a sharp 1080p resolution with tones that are vibrant though not always accurate and very limited viewing angles. The sound is another matter in this laptop, the dual stereo speakers are pretty loud, and they have distorted high volumes and are serviceable at best. The computer is capable of limited casual gaming and it can even handle some newer games as long as you lower the resolution and details. The aspire E 15 is in a portable notebook by today's standards, it's large thick and heavy at over 5 pounds you won't want to carry it around any longer than you must but if you don't mind carrying it around you'll really appreciate its long battery life, the laptop can last up to 8 hours and 30 minutes according to the manufacturer which involves continuous surfing over Wi-Fi. The Acer Aspire E 15 offers a great combination of solid performance, good battery life and strong usability for the money you would be hard-pressed to find another 15-inch laptop with features and build quality this could sell for anywhere near $500.

If you are in the market for a new budget laptop that performs like a laptop twice the price then these laptops are for you. So whether you are looking for the best gaming laptop under 300 dollars or just a budget laptop for video editing or streaming videos, I believe one of these should fit in.

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