What We Want To See in Resident Evil 8

With it being about a year since Resident Evil 7 released, it's time to start talking about the next title in the series Resident Evil 8 Resident. Evil 8 has the potential to be the greatest Resident Evil yet, and with the positive feedback 7 has received, this could really help Capcom create a masterpiece. Now going back to 7, it was obviously a substantial change to the franchise. It's going from third to first person perspective and having much less action-packed gunplay with more of a war survivable theme, and that was a great decision made by Capcom. It definitely gave this series a fresh start and now it's time for Capcom to build off of that and add things that were definitely needed in seven.

Let's start with the location, so some people are hoping for the return of Raccoon City in the next title or a similar big apocalyptic city. I prefer them to keep the location as isolated as possible. Isolation brings out that feeling of helplessness and really helps with the atmosphere when it comes to games like resident evil. I thought seven’s location was brilliant, but it was a little too small. I think a location like Resident Evil four’s map would be great for Resident Evil 8, maybe a rural area and the middle of nowhere with various locations throughout the map, including small creepy towns or maybe even an isolated location up in the mountains somewhere. There's plenty of ominous areas that could place the game but I really do hope they increase the size from seven’s location, keeping it linear but also open at the same time with the story. I don't think it should be a sequel or prequel of any kind.

The main formula to Resident Evil is a person having to deal with a difficult life-threatening situation. I don't think it matters of any iconic characters return, even though I wouldn't mind seeing Leon as a protagonist once again, but as long as they keep the formula like they did in 7. I think the story will work out fine as a standalone when it comes to the storyline. I would love to see Capcom throw in more mystery and take the game to the Past like the early 1900s, rather than the game showing you who the enemy is. I think it would be an interesting twist if we had to figure out who and what was causing the havoc in the next title. Maybe a detective that was sent out to check out reported plague infecting a town making its victims go insane with multiple AI in the town who you are able to speak and interact with and ask them questions about to plug the first day, then you wake up the next and everyone has been infected and the only information you have now is from what you gathered from the people the day before and now the player is stuck there, not knowing what the hell is going on. I'm not saying the story should have that exact same layout, I'm definitely not a story writer but something similar would be a very interesting mystery in a horror. Survival game has keyed, the more the merrier and I think the early 1900's would be perfect for Resident Evil, and I would love to see what Capcom could do with that time period and this leads into the puzzle solving aspect of the game.

Resident Evil is known for its amazing puzzle-solving gameplay Resident Evil sevens puzzles were decent, but not as difficult as I anticipated them to be. I would love to see more of a challenge: an in-depth puzzle solving. For example, a puzzle having multiple parts with each part not being able to be figured out until progressing farther into the game gathering clues from different areas of the map and having that epiphany feeling when you finally get the last clue that solves the puzzle, puzzles that really make us think outside the box and not just fitting objects into a shadow. Although the puzzle with the birthday cake was brilliant and I hope to see more of those types of puzzles in Resident Evil 8.

I think it's crucial that they keep Resident Evil 8 first person. I've never been so immersed and frightened in a game until Resident Evil 7 and the main part of that immersion was from the game. Having a first-person perspective, they gave the game so much more than it could have ever had in the third person and plus it's great for VR. With Resident Evil 7 Capcom completely reimagined the series and developed a true survival horror game and I don't think they could have delivered the same atmosphere that did if they had gone with a third-person perspective. So I'm really hoping Resident Evil 8 sticks with first-person.

One thing Resident Evil 8 does not need from seven is that short 10-hour-long story. I really think the sweet spot for a Resident Evil game is around 20 hours from the main store to be completed. That's about how long it takes to complete Resident Evil 4, which felt just right. It's not at the point where it feels like it's dragging on and it's definitely not too short. Resident Evil 8 deserves a story longer than 10 hours and I'm sure the developers have read the feedback about how Resident Evil 7 fell a little short. Another mechanic Resident Evil 8 needs to bring back to the series is inventory, upgrades, and management. Nothing is more satisfying than organizing your weapons and equipment inside your inventory case and saving up currency to purchase an upgrade case and in order to fill up our case, we are going to need more guns and equipment. Resident Evil 7 lacked a lot of weapons, it basically only provided enough guns to survive with, and I get that it was a small enclosed map for the most part, so tons of guns weren't needed and I also understand they don't want the player to feel like a superhuman running around killing everything with military Gear, all I'm saying is that Resident Evil 8 needs variety, balance the weapons out to where we always feel vulnerable, make a most scarce and basically make all equipment very difficult to obtain, make the player have to go out of their way to find or figure out how to get special items, weapon upgrades, and attachments also need to make a return, and what better way to do this than to introduce a new merchant audio boy.

Resident. Evil 8 is due for proper, safe zones and Merchants bargaining, but I don't think it should offer too many perks, again emphasizing the balance between player vulnerability and power since Resident Evil 8 will most likely carry in seven’s footsteps as a true survival horror game. It wouldn't be good to give the player too much power at least in the first half of the game. However, Capcom decides to implement a variety of weapons and equipment I hope they manage to do it in a way where the player is only rewarded with stronger weapons for solving difficult puzzles or discovering secret locations throughout the story giving a real incentive for players that like to check every square foot of the game. I don't think we should be able to buy weapons from the merchants, but I do think weapon upgrades inventory upgrades and maybe some sort of player perks should be able to be purchased at high prices. That way, the player will not be able to obtain everything with one playthrough of the story. And on a side note, I believe that items, currency, and herbs should be able to be found not only around the map but also from killing enemies in Resident Evil 7. I often found myself avoiding enemies and ignoring them not because I was afraid or because I didn't have ammo just the fact that there was no incentive or reward for killing them. There definitely needs to be some sort of recognition for killing enemies in Resident, Evil, 8 and going back to the variety of weapons again. Obviously, if there are going to be guns like sniper, rifles, that means the game's location will have to be more open and less enclosed than Resident Evil 7 was an open but linear location for Resident Evil 8 would not only be amazing visually, but also intense and first-person, and plus it gives us the ability to get those long-range headshots when it comes to enemies in Resident Evil 8. I believe it should consist of not only more as in actual numbers, but also more types of enemies as well. Give us some enemies that can only be defeated with exclusive ways or even an unlimited amount of ammo won't. Do us any good making the player look around the environment for further assistance, give us some enemies that are so dangerous that it's mandatory to avoid them, giving the game more sneaking and survival. Mechanics and, of course, provide the enemies that can be taken out with some good shots from weapons. Resident Evil 7 had a fair number of enemies but since the game was rather short, the bros also a short supply of enemy variety. So, with Resident Evil 8, which hopefully will have a much longer story, this will allow the developers to implement more unique enemies within the game.

Moving on to replay value something Resident Evil 7 lacked; it's really simple to give a series like Resident Evil replay value, you complete the story once that should unlock two things: a new game mode which for Resident Evil 8 unarguably should be mercenaries and also a hard mode of some sort for the main story, and if the player decides to start another game in normal mode, they should start out with everything they had in their inventory when completing the game the first time. And, of course, completing mercenaries in hard mode definitely should reward something special like new weapons. Resident Evil 7 had some replay value don't get me wrong, but it was disappointing in my opinion, I didn't even touch the game after the first playthrough. I just didn't feel like the rewards or worth the required achievements.

So those are some of the important things that I and hopefully some of the community want to be present in Resident Evil 8. This is going to be one if not the most highly anticipated Resident Evil title ever due to the fact that Resident Evil 7 was such a different game than we all expected. It turned out to be a very solid Resident Evil title and it opened up so many opportunities for the franchise going forward, so everything is up in the air for Resident Evil 8 and like I said before, just looking at some of the minor flaws in seven this could really help Capcom create a masterpiece and with Shinji Mikami, possibly returning to direct Resident Evil 8 anything is possible.

What We Want To See in Resident Evil 8 What We Want To See in Resident Evil 8 Reviewed by Debby Peters on June 04, 2018 Rating: 5
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